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S-COM LTD. founded in 2004year.Due to combination of project, production and build base, gives the complete spectrum of services in Water conditioning and sewage water purification, beginning from suggestion and development of technological decisions and concluding a project, editing and tuning of supplied with an equipment and handing over of object turnkey. We execute the technical retooling and modernization of cleansing buildings.

We execute complex works on planning, making and editing of the certificated vehicles and equipment from construction thermoplastic polymers.

In the group of companies S-COM enter:

Research & Development department."On-line Dnepr" Ltd. founded in 1995.Project organization which for years the work declared oneself the high quality specialist of project-engineerings services and reliable partner in many regions of Ukraine, Russia.

Industrial base. "Pishemash-Service" Ltd. founded in 1995. From the day of foundation an enterprise works at the Ukrainian market of production and supplying with a professional equipment for the enterprises of public food consumption and trade, non-standard equipment from stainless steel.A designer and technological department of production constantly is in development of new products and to the improvement of mastered. By the most important terms at the production of goods and services for us are: quality, technologicalness, service, cost, simplicity under repair.

We work with all industries of industry and ready to attach all possibilities and knowledges, to do our world more net and more wonderful.



Переход к ультрафильтрации вызван рядом причин, прежде всего – неудовлетворительным качеством питьевой воды в городах, связанным с ограниченными возможностями существующих очистных сооружений. Песчаные зернистые фильтры, входящие в...

Ozone Complete Systems

Предварительная стоимость комплекта:0,5 г/час - 2 500грн, 1г/час-3 500 грн; 2г/час-4 500 грн; 6г/час-6 000 грн; 12г/час-8 300 грнСтоимость более производительных установок обсуждаема.СРОК ГАРАНТИИ 2 ГОДА ...

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